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Oct 07 2008

get_iplayer RPM and DEB packages now available

You can now install and update get_iplayer using DEB and RPM packages for Linux. I’ve tried to keep them as generic as possible so the RPMs will most likely work just fine on all Redhat/Fedora derived Linux distributions. Same goes for the DEB packages on all Debian derived distros such as Ubuntu.
Please let me know if there are any problems with these.
Note that the –upgrade option of get_iplayer is probably not the best idea if you choose to use RPM and DEB versions.

Jul 23 2008

Nasty Server Crash

Darn, my server crashed quite badly today (web, email, dns, imap – the lot). It ran Fedora6 with Centos5 on Xen. Looks like it was some hardware problem due to possible overheating 🙁 Maybe it was that additional graphics card I added a few days ago… It caused a whole lot of filesystem corruption and the server was randomly segfaulting and kernel panicking. Anyway, the good news is that the Xen virtual machine which runs the website was very easy to migrate and recover to another server 🙂 All back up within 4 hours. Now for a newer Linux distro I think and some serious hardware testing I reckon.

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