I no longer develop or maintain get_iplayer (see my reasons here). However it is still fully maintained by others here.


See the table below for details of which supporting packages are required for the various programme download modes.

Release Notes

Linux / Unix

Mac OS X


Developer Access, Source Code


rtmpdump has been replaced with a forked version called flvstreamer. flvstreamer is basically rtmpdump without rtmpe support.

External Program Requirements

Download Mode External Programs Required
Type Mode Format mplayer lame id3v2 ffmpeg vlc flv- streamer
TV iphone mov
TV flashhd flashvhigh flashhigh flashstd flashnormal flashlow mp4
Yes Yes
TV flashhd flashvhigh flashhigh flashstd flashnormal flashlow flv Yes
Podcast podcast mp3 Optional
Radio iphone mp3 Optional
Radio flashaudio mp3 Yes Optional Yes
Radio flashaudio flv (mp3) Optional Yes
Radio flashaac aac Optional Yes Yes
Radio flashaac flv (aac) Optional Yes
Radio realaudio mp3 Yes Yes Optional
Radio realaudio wav ra Yes
Radio wma mp3 Yes Optional

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