Jul 30 2009

I’ve just released a new v2.0+ windows automated installer for get_iplayer. It now contains the experimental web-based get_iplayer PVR Manager. The installer downloads everything you need to record, stream and manage get_iplayer and the get_iplayer PVR manager. This includes: mplayer, lame, ffmpeg, vlc and flvstreamer. Take a look at the get_iplayer PVR Manager page for instructions and an overview of the available features.

Let me know if you find any bugs and I’ll do my best to squash them. Just remember that the PVR Manager is ALPHA quality experimental software!

You’ve probably already noticed; get_iplayer has a new shamelessly original get_iplayer logo.


  • On August 4th, 2009, xPo said:

    Hi all – after some advice. Uninstalled previous version, then downloaded and installed latest version (full Windows installer). Installed cleanly, however I now get:

    ERROR: Invalid option in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users/get_iplayer/options: ‘itvnothread = 1’ INFO: Please remove and use –dump-options to display all valid options

    whenever I run, using any commands (or even no commands).

    Any help or advice?

    Many thanks.

    • On August 4th, 2009, linuxcentre said:

      That is a gotcha – the plugin defines the itvnothread option but the plugin isn’t downloaded until get_iplayer runs the first time…

      Please reinstall now (you can just uninstall and reinstall the get_iplayer part only if you like) I’ve released new version which will hopfully fix it…

    • On August 8th, 2009, Steve said:

      I did a re install of the new Windows installer and it seems to be working wonders (I was having problems downloading any flash streams before).

      Anyway, I have been using the web interface again on the new installer and am trying to get it to work how I like it to.

      I only download the flash formats, hd and high quality streams. Currently whenever I download something from the command line if do ‘get_iplayer –get –pid blah –vmode=flashhd1’ to get the version I want.

      How can I change the default types it downloads, both from the command line and the web interface? There seems to be an option in the web interface, but it still defaults to the iphone type.


      • On September 22nd, 2009, jay said:

        Is there any chance of an update to include the new version of flvstreamer and WebPVR?

        • On September 22nd, 2009, linuxcentre said:

          It doesn’t require a new release of the installer – just re-run the latest installer and it grabs the latest automatically.

          • On September 22nd, 2009, jay said:

            Thanks I now see there is an “Update get iplayer” option in the start menu and on the Web PVR so I’ll use this from now on :~)

        • On October 1st, 2009, Max said:

          Great tool – using the Linux version at home.

          Just downloaded the Windows version and the Perl script seems to be missing. Any ideas?

          • On October 1st, 2009, linuxcentre said:

            You need to actually run the latest installer and it downloads it into place.

          • On October 17th, 2009, Torch said:

            When I type in “get_iplayer” the player seems to list all streams available but only shows me a quarter of the list from T-Z, I can’t seem to get up to anything earlier in the alphabet. What can I do? Is there a command just to show 50 at a time, etc?

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