Sep 24 2008

It was discovered this evening that the iPhone can get BBC iPlayer radio programmes in higher quality MP3 format. It basically uses the same method used for the iPhone video downloads. get_iplayer v0.74 now supports this fully and can also fallback to RealAudio format for those shows that still have not been made available to the iPhone. The MP3s are 128kbps stereo 44.1kHz – better than the rather sad 64kbps realaudio streams we had before. Shame there are no ID3 tags yet – come on BBC 🙂
For reverting to downloading the realaudio streams in get_iplayer you must use the –amode=realaudio option.

Other New features in get_iplayer lately are:

  • A download history is now maintained which prevents the accidental re-downloading of programmes that you may have deleted
  • Ability to see which programmes have become available since the last cache refresh
  • The –since option which allows you to see programmes added to the cache since a number of hours ago
  • The –list [channel|categories] option which displays a unique list of categories and channels for the specified type of programme

Try using the get_iplayer –help option to see all new options.

Update v0.75:

  • get_iplayer will now automatically try to download the MP3 radio stream and then fallback on RealAudio streams.
  • In radio mode –amode=realaudio option will prevent mp3 streams being downloaded
  • In radio mode –amode=mp3 will ensure that no RealAudio is downloaded – i.e. it disables the default fallback to realaudio
  • –force-download will make get_iplayer ignore the download history

Another update: Classical music appears to be encoded at 192kbps and speech at 80kbps.

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  • On September 24th, 2008, David said:

    Marvelous! Excellent. Now I download pro grammes through this, stick it on my ipod and listen on the go. lovely.

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