Feb 16 2009

get_iplayer currently does not work (8:30pm 16th Feb). The BBC are having some kind of outage on their iPhone iPlayer service. I am reliably informed that the Apple iPhone cannot get iPlayer either as we speak. It has been down since some time after 16:30 GMT today. I’ll post an update as soon as I hear anything.
I’m not entirely sure if it is related but it also appears that Adobe AIR downloads are somewhat broken also. See this report on the BBC iPlayer forum.
In the mean time, ensure you get rtmpdump installed and you can continue to download and watch iPlayer programmes (unless you use ActivePerl or the Windows Automated installer…).
Update (23:30 GMT 16th Feb):
It seems like the site is slowly coming back – albeit somewhat intermittently.
Update (12:26 GMT 17th Feb):
Apparently the BBC has fixed the problem.

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