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Starting Up Your Laptop

  • Press the small silver button above the top-left of the keyboard.
  • Wait for around 30-40 seconds
  • Double-click your Year number (or select it and click the 'OK' button)
  • Double-click your Name from the list (or select it and click the 'OK' button)
  • If you get this wrong you can Double-click the 'Change user' icon on the desktop to repeat this or to change who is using the computer.

Changing to a different User

This is important because without doing this you might lose your saved work.

  • You can just restart the laptop or follow the below instructions.
  • Close all applications.
  • DO NOT use the 'Log out pupil' option on the start menu.
  • Double-click the 'Change User' icon on the desktop.

Starting Applications

  • Click the 'Start' menu button at the far bottom-left of the screen (the icon doesn't actually say 'Start', it is just a small red and orange circle).
  • Applications in the Start Menu are sorted by subject area.

Starting the VLE

  • Double-click on 'Web Browser' on the Desktop - the VLE is set as the default home page.
  • Tip: You can zoom-in by pressing the 'Windows' button (bottom-left of the keyboard between the 'Fn' and 'Alt' keys).

Saving Your Work and Files

  • Make sure you have selected your Year and Name as described above otherwise you cannot properly save your work and it will be lost.
  • You can save your work in any of the following places:
    • 'MyFiles'
    • 'Documents'
    • 'Downloads'
    • 'Pictures'
    • 'Photos'
    • 'Videos'
  • Tuxpaint will automatically save your work in MyFiles if you selected your Year and Name correctly.
  • Do not save files directly in 'Desktop' or 'pupil' or it will get deleted when you restart the laptop.
  • For Scratch, make sure you save your files in the 'Save Your Work Here' folder. If you cannot see this then it can be found by clicking the 'My Projects' button and then double-clicking the 'Save Your Work Here'.
  • If there is a problem and you cannot select your Year and Name then save your work in 'Emergency MyFiles'. These files will only be found on the same laptop next time and will get deleted after 30 days so only use this in an emergency!

Shutting Down

  • Press the small silver button above the top-left of the keyboard
  • Click the 'Shut Down' option.
  • Wait for around 6 seconds.
  • If the machine is frozen and really cannot be shut down, hold the power button down for 10 seconds - beware that if you do this you will lose your unsaved work.

Putting the Laptops in the Trolley

  • The laptops are numbered from '1' to '60'. The new small trolley contains laptops numbered 1 to 30. The old laptop trolley contains laptops numbered 31 to 60.
  • Please return the Laptop to the trolley shelf which has the same number as the sicker on the front of the laptop.
  • Carefully plug in in the charger cable from the same shelf. If you do not plug in the charger the laptop battery might not work the next time someone wants to use it.

Application Settings

  • All applications and software settings will be lost and reset when the laptop is switched off.


Black and White Printing

  • Printouts are sent to the Photocopier in the office.
  • By default, to save money, printing is in black and white.

Colour Printing in OpenOffice

Please ask a teacher before printing in colour because it costs lots more money than black and white.

  • When the printer dialogue pops up, select the 'Properties' button.
  • Select the 'Device' tab.
  • Click 'Printout Mode' on the left hand side under 'Option'.
  • Click 'Normal' on the right hand side under 'Current Value'.
  • Click 'OK'.
  • Click 'OK' again.

Colour Printing in Tuxpaint

  • Save your picture.
  • Close Tuxpaint.
  • Double-Click 'MyFiles' on the desktop.
  • Double-Click 'Pictures'.
  • Double-Click 'Tuxpaint'.
  • Double-Click 'Saved'.
  • Find your saved picture icon and double-click it.
  • From the 'File' menu select 'Print'.
  • Print in colour as described below.

Colour Printing in Other Applications

    • When the printer dialogue pops up, select the 'Advanced' tab.
    • Change 'Printout Mode' from 'Normal Greyscale' to 'Normal'.
    • Click 'Print'.


  • All files and work saved in MyFiles is backed up every night.
  • Backups are kept for around 60 days.

Accessing and Restoring Backup files

  • You can get to the backup files as follows:
    • Double-Click 'MyFiles' on the Desktop
    • Click the 'MyFiles Backups' on the bottom-left of the file browser (or, click the bookmarks menu in the file browser and select 'MyFiles Backups').
    • Double-Clicking 'Latest' folder (for yesterday's backup) or double-click the dated folder for deleted or changed files from previous days.
    • Click your Year number and Name to get your deleted files from previous days.
    • You can then Copy and Paste the file back into your 'MyFiles' folder.

Is there a problem?

  • Please tell your teacher if there is a problem. Tell them the laptop number and what application you were using when the problem happened.
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