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  • Very low support overhead
  • 60 netbooks in two trolleys for 2 class use.
  • Extended battery life - no desk mains sockets and there won't be much time for charging between classes.
  • Housed in 30-bay safe/charging trolleys
  • Educational software required for primary school age
  • Compatible with RM Kaleidos VLE software (flash based)
  • Office and DTP software
  • Central server storage of user files
  • No requirement for individual account management (shared server file storage is acceptable)
  • Wireless 802.11a/g access – will use existing wireless infrastructure
  • Simple netbook re-imaging that can be simply done by teachers if required.
  • Centrally manageable netbook builds
  • Server for file storage, DHCP and internal DNS.
  • Server should have on-site incremental daily backups for 30+ days
  • Netbooks should be built in such a way that even teachers should not be required to become root/administrator on them.
  • Shared printer access
  • Internet access and filtering (already provided by the local education authority)
  • Teacher supervision capability (i.e. management console to snoop or control netbooks) (- if time allows)
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