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  • Replace existing 2Mbps leased-line by 3 x ADSL lines in a bonding arrangement with the ISP (more lines can be used at an increased cost).
  • Current costs are £1700pa for the leased-line and £200pa for the extra ADSL line.
  • With currently measured speeds, we expect to get a minimum of 7.5Mbps download and 2.1Mbps upload. (best case 19.5Mbps download and 2.4Mbps upload).

Kit list

  • 3 x BT wholesale business ADSL 8Mbps lines (need to install additional 1 or 2 tbc)
  • 1 x Firebrick FB2500 firewall which allows dynamic ADSL load-balancing/bonding and failover between ADSL lines.
  • 1 x 20GB/month service with bonding from Andrews and Arnold ISP
  • 3 x Zyxel ADSL routers.
  • Above one-off costs: approx £900 + VAT
  • Above ongoing costs: approx £1860 + VAT
  • Possibly some internal wiring charges from BT if required on the existing 2nd line in the school (if it exists). This could be approx £75 one-off.
  • Will also need 'SIMS at home' for remote internet access to the County's SIMS system. Probably < £100pa

Other Options Explored

  • STL communications said the best they could do was around £8000 pa for 8Mbps download. This is a realistic cost if they are using a non-ADSL solution.
  • The school is in a rural location and only has BT 20CN broadband available in the local exchange. This severely limits our options.
  • 3G connectivity is just too slow and latency is way too high as are the bandwidth costs.
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