Picnic recipes

  1. quiche A picnicker's best friend

    Quiche is the perfect choice for picnics. It's hardy and portable, you can fill it with your favourite ingredients, it can be eaten warm or cold, with or without cutlery - and above all, it's not a boring old sandwich. What's not to like?

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  2. Blueberry and lemon traybake Blueberry and lemon traybake

    This fruity traybake is perfect for picnics. Just cut it into squares and transport in tupperware.

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  3. Summer cocktail recipes Summer cocktails

    Cool down with a jug of one of our easy summer cocktails. Try a fruity daiquiri, refreshing mojito or a classic long drink made with Pimms.

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  4. dips Deeply dippy

    Dips are another failsafe alternative to sandwiches. Cut up a variety of crudités before you leave and store everything in separate containers in a cool bag. Just add nachos.

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Picnic recipes

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We've put together some fabulous al fresco feasts to enjoy in the great outdoors. Pack a picnic basket with summery salads, a classic quiche and other tasty treats.

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