Party food recipes

  1. canapés Canapés and nibbles

    Not just the preserve of 1970s dinner parties, a tray full of bite-sized snacks will always be welcome at a party.

    Recipes for canapés

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  2. dips The big dippers

    Crisps, crudities, pitta breads and more - a party isn't a party without dips!

    Recipes for dips

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  3. cheesecake Cheesecake

    When the gang's all round you can spread the love with a big rich cheesecake - no one will go home hungry.

    Recipes for cheesecake

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  4. cocktail Shake up the party

    Make your party a glamorous affair with some glitzy cocktails.

    Recipes for cocktail

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Party food recipes

Main course

Light meals & snacks

Starters & nibbles

Side dishes


Cakes and baking

Drinks and cocktails


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Go beyond crisps and peanuts! From finger food and buffet ideas to cocktails and cakes, we've got easy party food recipes for every kind of event.

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