Father's Day recipes

  1. pie Who ate all the pies?

    From pork pie to fish pie to cherry pie, there’s a pie to suit every sort of pa. Make his day with one that’s tailor-made to his tastes – and if you’re good he might let you have a slice.

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  2. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding Meat and two veg

    If your dad’s a meat-lover, beef up his Fathers’ Day with the ultimate roast dinner. Treat him to all the trimmings – Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and lashings of gravy – to really get his juices flowing.

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  3. Baking with children recipes Baking with children

    Try one of our easy, kid-friendly recipes for Fathers' Day. Fairy cakes are a doddle to make and great fun to decorate with a personalised touch.

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Father's Day recipes

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Cakes and baking

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Make your dad feel special this Father's Day by cooking his favourite foods. If the weather's warm enough, fire up the barbecue. If not, stay indoors with a traditional roast dinner.

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