Burns Night recipes

  1. Potato wafers with smoked salmon, watercress and horseradish cream Potato wafers with smoked salmon and watercress

    These crispy potato slices with smoked salmon and homemade horseradish cream make a tasty starter or canapé.

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  2. Haggis, clapshot and whisky sauce Haggis, clapshot and whisky sauce

    Haggis, neeps and tatties are pure poetry for devotees of the traditional Burns Night feast. Buy the haggis ready-made and see whether you’re similarly inspired.

  3. whisky ‘Great Scotch!’

    If you’ll be celebrating with a wee dram this Burns Night, make sure your whisky’s Scotch – and top notch. You don’t have to drink it neat; try adding a nip to creamy soups, sauces and desserts.

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  4. Cranachan Cranachan

    Scottish oats, raspberries, whisky and honey combine in perfect harmony for this exceptional dessert.

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Put together a traditional Burns Night menu with haggis at its heart, or celebrate with the best of Scotland's larder.

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