Bonfire Night recipes

  1. casserole Slow-cooked magic

    Leave a casserole to work its magic in the oven while you enjoy the fireworks. Pop some potatoes in the oven at the same time to serve alongside.

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  2. gingerbread Gingerbread

    Whip up a tray of parkin to carry along to the fireworks or hand around some gingerbread men to go with a cup the mulled cider.

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  3. hot drinks and hot toddies Hot drinks

    Fill a thermos with a warming drink for enjoying the fireworks. We’ve got mulled cider for the adults and a creamy hot chocolate for the kids.

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  4. Nutty toffee apples Toffee apples

    Studded with crunchy nuts, these grown-up toffee apples work well for a Halloween or Bonfire Night party recipe.

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  5. fudge Fudge

    Deliciously decadent, Nigella’s fudge is a cinch to make. Pack some to munch on while you enjoy the fireworks.

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Bonfire Night recipes

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Guy Fawkes night recipes for cosy comfort food and snacks that are easy to prepare ahead, leaving you free to enjoy the fireworks.

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