Birthday party recipes

  1. cocktail Superior swigging

    Muddle, bash, shake or stir yourself a tongue-tingling tipple. We’ve got hundreds of ways with spirits and non-alcoholic drinks.

    Recipes for cocktail

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  2. Birthday cake recipes Birthday cakes

    Surprise adults and kids with a special birthday cake: how about a chocolate cake decorated with sweets or Delia's impressive lemon curd cake?

    Recipes include

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  3. Christmas party food recipes Party food

    Get the party started with easy and impressive canapé recipes, from homemade sausage rolls to mini Thai fishcakes.

    Recipes include

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  4. Rocky road crunch bars Sugar rush

    Treat your kids to forbidden fruit on their special day, such as Nigella’s naughty combination of marshmallows, chocolate and pieces of biscuit.

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Birthday parties recipes

Main course

Light meals & snacks

Starters & nibbles

Side dishes


Cakes and baking

Drinks and cocktails


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Plan a perfect birthday party feast with our pick of the best party food and birthday cakes to impress.

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